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Seasonal Lawn Maintenance in Manchester, CT


Many homeowners only think about their lawns in the summer when frequent watering and mowing become necessary. The truth is that lawns fare much better with year-round care - especially when they’re attended to by a professional landscaper. That’s why the team at Carone and Sons Landscaping offers year-round lawn maintenance in Manchester, CT, for locals that want to improve their properties’ appearances.

It’s easy to keep your lawn looking healthy without sacrificing your time or energy when you choose our landscaping company. We offer plenty of discounts on essential lawn care services, including composting, aeration, and lime application. Be sure to take advantage of our spring cleanup special when the weather starts to turn warm - it’s a great way to help your lawn rejuvenate after a long, hard winter.


When spring rolls around, it’s time turn your attention to garden and lawn maintenance. Any work done on your lawn and ornamentals now will pay off later in the growing season. A spring cleanup before fertilization and/or pre-emergents is highly recommended.

As far as essential steps go, we recommend having your soil tested. It’s one of the single most important things you can do for your lawn or garden. A soil test will determine your lawn's pH level which will tell us how to treat your lawn. The proper soil pH will allow your fertilizer to work at peak efficiency.

Lime is always applied according to your lawn’s particular soil test results. Over the course of the years, we’ve found that lawns particularly like 6.4 to 6.8 pH levels. We use a slow release traditional/organic fertilizer for best results.

Sanitation is also an important part of preventing disease, as well as keeping harmful insects in check. Be sure to ask about your options for mosquito control and other pest services.


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Recommended Spring Services

  • Lawn & Ornamental Bed Cleanup/Mulching Before New Growth
  • Lawn & Garden Soil Tests for pH, Soil Nutrients, & Organic Matter Content
  • Lime, Fertilizer, & Pre-Emergents Application
  • Aeration
  • Compost Top-Dressing to Alleviate Drought
  • Overseeding for Bare or Dead Patches of Lawn
  • Dethatching
  • Shrub Pruning as Needed
  • Project Planning for Walkway, Patio, or Retaining Wall Installations
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Caring for your lawn during summer can be challenging, especially when temperatures soar. What if there was an easier way to keep your property looking beautiful, even when you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself? Reach out to Carone and Sons Landscaping to find out how we can help.

During the summer months, we coordinate any large projects on their calendars, and scout for diseases and insects. We also take the opportunity to apply grub control and pay careful attention to any gardens in need of weeding.

Recommended Summer Services

  • Large Project Planning (Hardscaping, Etc.)
  • Disease & Insect Control
  • Regular Garden Weeding
Installation of Lawns Organic insect control Manchester, CT
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Many people look forward to autumn, and it’s easy to see why. It offers relief from summer’s sweltering temperatures, and it signals the start of the holiday season. Unfortunately, autumn’s arrival means more than just cooler weather and fun celebrations. It also means plenty of lawn maintenance in preparation for the coming winter.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about the landscaping chores on your to-do list when our company’s around. In fall, we come to your home to prepare your lawn, flowerbeds, and ornamentals for the cold months to come. We offer many important services meant to revitalize your lawn, shrubs, and flowers before this critical time.

Recommended Autumn Services

  • • Lawn Aeration
  • • Lime Application
    • Leaf Cleanup for Lawns & Gardens
    • Lawn Seeding/Installation
    • Add New Plantings (If Desired)
    • Perennials Pruning
    • Weed Treatment Application
    • Invasive Plant Removal (i.e. Poison Ivy & Bittersweet)
    • Preemptively Scheduled Snow Removal Services

  • Winter
  • Once winter has arrived, homeowners can breathe a sigh of relief knowing their lawns won’t require much care. However, winter brings new challenges - snow shoveling and ice removal. The good news is that you can always depend on our lawn maintenance contractors to help with those items, too! During the winter months, we offer snow plowing and ice management to help clear your path for the warmer months ahead.

Recommended Winter Services

• Snow Plowing

• Ice Management

• Plan for Next Spring & Summer’s Projects

 Contact our lawn maintenance company today to enlist our help with your lawn, and be sure to ask about our current special offers. We proudly serve residents of Manchester, Connecticut.