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Carone & Sons Seasonal Service Suggestions


It's time turn your attention to lawn and garden maintenance. The work done on your lawn and ornamentals now will pay off later in the growing season. A soil test is the most important thing you can do for your lawn or garden. Sanitation is an important step to keeping disease and harmful insects in check. A spring clean up of lawns and gardens before the application of fertilizers and/or pre-emergents is recommended.

A soil test will determine your lawn's pH level which will tell us how to treat your lawn. The proper soil pH will allow your fertilizer to work at peak efficiency.

We apply lime according to soil test results. Lawns like 6.4 to 6.8 pH levels. We use a slow release traditional/organic fertilizer for best results.

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• Spring cleanup of lawns and ornamental beds, before lawns and gardens begin it grow.
• Perform Soil tests on lawns and gardens checking for pH, soil nutrients and Organic matter content.
• Lime, fertilize and apply a pre-emergent to suppress weeds.
• Aeration.
• Top-dress with compost to alleviate drought stress.
• Overseed bare or dead patches of lawn.
• Dethatch.
• Prune shrubs as needed.
• Plan for larger projects.  Walkway, patio or retaining wall installation.
• Mulch beds prior to new growth.
Springtime de-thatching Before After



During the summer months we will keep up your pruning schedule, start large projects, scout for diseases and insects in lawns and gardens, apply grub control and keep up on weeding of gardens.

• Keep up pruning schedule.
• Start large projects. Such as paver patios, walkways and retaining walls.
• Scout for diseases and insects in lawns and gardens.
• Apply grub control.
• Keep up on weeding of gardens.
Installation of Lawns Tree Work After Invasive Plant Removal
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Fall is the time to get your lawn, flowerbeds, and ornamentals prepared for the cold months to come. Some very important services we provide will revitalize your lawn, shrubs, and flowers before this critical time. Ask us about any of the following:

  • Aerate
  • Lime
  • Leaf clean up from lawns and gardens
  • Best time to over seed lawns/ install lawns.
  • Great time to put in new plantings.
  • Cut back perennials. 
  • Treat for weeds.
  • Excellent time to work on invasive plants like poison ivy or bittersweet.
  • Secure snow removal services now.


During the winter months we offer snow plowing and ice management to help clear your path for the warmer months ahead.

• Snow plowing.
• Ice management.
• Plan for next Spring and Summer’s projects.